Lark Chastain was born in Fort Benning, Georgia and led an exciting life as a child, as her father was the Army's USO liaison for all of the stars and celebrities who visited. She dined with the likes of Bob Hope, quickly developing her winning personality.

Lark attended San Jose State University and became a stewardess. She married her high school sweetheart, Roger Chastain, and they had two children, Brandi and Chad. She bought Brandi dolls and doll carriages - all to no avail. Brandi shook off ballet and tap dancing - and took to soccer with a vengeance—sleeping in her uniform for 2 weeks. She also excelled at any sport she tried. She joined her brother's baseball team, filling in for a player who was injured. When that player came back, it was Brandi's brother who was asked to leave the team, not Brandi.

Lark, a vocal spectator, would travel to Brandi's matches with a huge yellow megaphone (completely unnecessary according to Brandi). It was taken away from Lark by a referee as a prohibited mechanical device. "To this day, I always know where my mother is in the stands," says Brandi.

Brandi's penalty kick that won the 1999 World Cup is one of the most famous moments in sports, but Lark points out that Brandi may have learned more from being cut from the US women's team back in 1993: "On the inside, she was dying, but she said in retrospect, 'That made me a better person.' She would handle losses far better than us. She was wise beyond her years, even at that age, and I've probably learned as much from her as she's ever learned from me."



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Facts about Brandi

  • Best known for kicking the winning penalty kick in the 1999 soccer World Cup, which she kicked with her opposite foot

  • Scored 11 goals in her first game against a boy’s team

  • Captain of the Bay Area CyberRays, the reigning WUSA professional league champions

"My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. "George Washington


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