Writer/Director/Executive Producer: Mary Mazzio
Editor: Collin Cameron
Cinematographer: Rebekah V. Michaels
Music: Ruth Mendelson
Production Supervisor: Eric Hamilton
Post-Production Supervisor: Noreen Breslin Moross
Still Photographer/Set Consultant: David Foster
Field Producers: Jack Bradley, Lucy Herzog, Brian Smith
ESPN Editorial Consultants: Mike Antinoro, Mark Durand
Assistant Camerapersons: Tim Sweeney, David Sammons
Sound Recordists/Boom: Jim Petit, Steve Tibbo
Gaffers: Jennifer Perkins, Pat Webb
Still Camera Assistants: Phil Fox, Rebecca Cinclair, Scott Spiker, Daniel Van Ackere,
Doug Vernucci
Assistant Editor: Brad Johanson
Production Coordinator: Liz O’Brien
Production Assistants: Jon Brown, Buena H.Guzman, Charles Corbin, Jennie Davidner,
Terri Loomer, Carla Mazzio, Theresa Mazzio, Alex McQuilkin, Marie Migliaccio, Ellen Minzner, Charlene Sakoda, Paul Stapleton Smith, Andrea Thies, Erin Trahan, Lara Rubin, Tara Sullivan, Jennifer Van Shay, Petra Willig
Graphic Designer: Libby Delana
Editorial Production: Panache Editorial
Sound Production: Rumblestrip
Sound Mixer: Jeff Largent
Color Correction: Finish
Colorist: Jeremy Sawyer
Online Studio: Pisces-The Idea Studio
Online Editor: Chris Santos
Vocals: Patty Barkis
Violins: Kaoru Ishibashi, Ricardo A. Herz, Keiko Watanabe, Oana Lacatus
Violas: Claudia Campazzo, Stephanie Fong
Cello: Irina Chirkov
Conductor, Basses, Guitars, Synthesizers: Ruth Mendelson
Score Sound Design: Goeffrey Gee, Spectrasonics
Score Consultant: Linda Hanley
Music Engineer: Huck Bennert
Mastering Engineer: Marisa T. Dery
Recording Studio: Wellspring Sound
Mastering Studio: The Tape Complex
Still Photomotion: Frame Shop
Film Processing: Duart Film and Video
8mm Transfer: Brodsky and Treadway
Legal Services: Paul Hartnett, Esquire
Accounting Services: Dave Heath and Kathleen Allen
Footage Clearances: Convizion, Inc., Mark Geddis and Rhett Cecil
Web Site Designer: Terri Loomer
Public Relations: Amy Vreeland, Eric Moffit and Moffit Media, and Deb West
Travel: Vista Travel, Tom Vise and Barbara Khan                                                               Interns: Petra Willig and Tricia Robichaud

Special thanks to:

WBCN, Marc Cappello, Gino Cappelletti, and Gil Santos
NBC Sports, Jeff Blatnick, Russ Hellickson, Glenn Morris, and Annabelle McDonald
WHDH-TV, Gary Gillis and Andy Sugg
WUSA Soccer and Neil Gallow
National Federation for the Blind and Betsy A. Zaborowski
Bill Waite and Newport Productions, Inc.
HighSights Presentations
Palace Sports & Entertainment
KTVB-TV Boise, Idaho and Mark Johnson
Cablevision Newark
WMBC-TV Kansas City
WSYX/WTTE Columbus, Ohio
ESPN, Jon Miller, and Joe Morgan
NFL Films, Inc. and Linda Sponaugle
US Olympic Committee and Laura Zappi
NBA Entertainment and Meredith Fox
NHL Productions and Sekani Action Sports Adventure
IMS Productions/Wabash Valley Broadcasing and Alan Hughes
Major League Baseball Productions and Dina Panto
FIFA,  KirchSports, and Kelly Holmes
Producer's Library Service
BlackStone Stock Footage
McDonald's US Communications
WJXT-TV 4 - Jacksonville
ESPN Enterprises and Mike Cocchi

Heidi Anderson and Jamie Bloomquist
South Lakes High School, Wendell Byrd, and Elizabeth Knapp
Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA, and Eileen Devine, Mary Ann Hill, Barbara Langworthy
Dan Dockstader and The Star Valley Independent
Liz Metz and Bishop McGuinness High School
Yale University and Geoff Zonder
The Bledsoe Family
The Chastain Family
The Fisher Family
The Gardner Family
The Granato Family
The Hamm and Dillon Families
The Harrison and O'Neal Families
The Hill and McDonald Families
The Lofton and Person Families
The Weihenmayer Family
The Wilmer and Barker Families
Arunima Dhar and Mitch Wright
Scott Paluch and Boston College Hockey
Catherine Smith and the Lenox Hotel
Karen and Brendan Kenney
Kay Merseth
Bob Mastronardi and Kodak
Dave Pizio and Optics Unlimited
John Rule and Rule Broadcast
Theo Rock and Open Spaces
Tali Rouche and Girls on the Run
Boston Camera Rental Co.
High Output
Cappy Productions
Joe Monge and DuArt
Sonny King
Margie Sullivan
RJ Casey
James Overall
Mark Lewis and Union Boat Club
Cynthia Atterberry
David Bober and Dan Levy
Chris Callanan and Kent Hughes
John Courtright
David Dunn, Erin Bohrnstedt and Courtney Owens
Cherie Greer and Jim Tanner
Mary Catherine McCooey
George Stelzner and Mike Mendelsohn
Michael Suttle and Marcella Wright
Sachid Taylor
Katy Milmoe, Pamela Moffat, Mary Perhach and Team MVBMS
John Donovan, Molly Driscoll, and Team New Balance



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