Barbara Bledsoe was born in the little farming town of Ellensburg, Washington, where she grew up milking cows and feeding pigs. She could out-throw the boys in phys-ed classes in junior high and could out-hurdle them in high school, but because there were no sports for girls, she joined the Pep Club.

Barbara, the first college graduate in her family's history, married Mac Bledsoe (who she met in the 8th grade.) They had two children, Drew and Adam.

Drew, according to Adam, isn't the world's richest trailer trash - but close. Drew began life in a 10-foot wide trailer home after Mac and Barbara came home from basic training in the army. Barbara, an English teacher, eventually taught Drew 7th grade English, where he would sit in the back of the class, chair tipped back, oblivious of the girls.

Barbara cried when Drew was cut as quarterback in the 7th grade, she cried almost a year before Drew left for college (Washington State), and to this day, still wants to wrap both her boys in a blanket and rock their hurt away. Barbara says her greatest weaknesses are being overprotective...and chocolate.

Drew, for his part, claims that his arm, with which he's thrown for more than 40,000 yards in the NFL, is inherited from his mother. He also says that he never felt that he needed to perform to be loved.

Barbara's favorite child is he who does the dishes. Barbara and Mac Bledsoe now run Parenting with Dignity, traveling around the country teaching parenting skills.

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Facts about Drew

  • Four time Pro Bowl Quarterback

  • Led Patriots to the 1997 Super Bowl

  • Threw for 7,000 yards
    at Washington State

  • Has thrown over 40,000 yards in the pros

  • Started his own foundation , “Parenting with Dignity,” to promote and teach effective parenting skills

"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers." —Jewish proverb


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