Reba Fisher was born just minutes after her twin sister, Robin. A tomboy, Reba would race go-karts in the backyard race pit that her father built. Reba met Dave Fisher at a go-kart race in Commercial Point, Ohio - beating him. He relentlessly followed her from race to race, trying to avenge his loss, and fell in love in the process. They married and had Sarah Fisher.

Reba bought Sarah her first car—a pink Barbie pedal car—when Sarah was 4. Sarah began racing Quarter-Midget cars at the age of 5 - and from there it was speed, speed, speed. Sarah raced at her first Indy 500 at 19, becoming the youngest woman ever to do so. Last spring she finished 2nd at the Grand Prix of Miami, stunning the racing world.

Though their house has a fully-outfitted race shop in the backyard, Reba, a school teacher, has always stressed the importance of education. Sarah was an A-student in high school and is earning a college degree while she races full-time in the Indy Racing League.

Reba doesn't like it when Sarah speeds on the highway, but she thoroughly trusts her daughter to handle an Indy car at speeds of 229 miles per hour. Perhaps it's in their blood—Sarah's racing roots trace back to Reba's mother, one of the first female aviators in Ohio. Fly fast. Drive Fast.

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Facts about Sarah

  • By the age of 5, Sarah was racing “quarter-midget” races

  • The youngest women ever to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 at the age of 19

  • Placed 2nd at the 2001 Grand Prix of Miami–the best finish for a woman in the history of Indy car racing

  • Her grandmother was one of the first female aviators in Ohio

"The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness."
—Honore' de Balzac


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